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Special Collections and Archives

Robert and Helen Lynd family papers

Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

Series 1: Robert and Helen Lynd family papers

Box 1: Robert Lynd papers and Andrea Lynd letters

Folder -- Contents

  1. Robert Lynd Photographs: portrait, in the wilderness, with Helen Lynd
  2. Robert Lynd Biographical Material: biographies, bibliographies, etc.
  3. Robert Lynd Obituaries (1970)
  4. Pieces Written on Robert Lynd: includes works by Staughton Lynd, Margaret Nold, and S.M. Miller
  5. Memorial Service (1970): transcription of "Coming Together for Robert Lynd" speech & list of speakers
  6. Memorial Service (1971): Columbia Univ. Sociology Dept. Memorial Meeting speeches & speakers
  7. Correspondence: letters to young Staughton Lynd, Andrea Lynd in India, Harry Hawthorn, Dr. Mitchell (1944), etc.
  8. Correspondence with Maeve Beck: letters with Roger Beck's mother, Maeve (1952-79)
  9. Early Publications: "Crude Oil Religion" in Harper's Magazine (1922)
    "The Place of the University in 1940" in Columbia University Quarterly (1939)
    "But Why Preach" in Harper's Magazine (1920)
    "You Can Do It Better Democratically": copy of pamphlet (c.1920s) with Staughton Lynd letter (1979)
  10. "Crude Oil: It's Human Cost": by Robert Lynd in Survey Graphic (November 1922)
  11. "Critique of Preaching from Standpoint of Modern Educational Method" by Robert Lynd ( 1922), S. Lynd letter (1980)
  12. Knowledge for What?: by Robert S. Lynd: Princeton University Press (Princeton, 1939).
  13. Journal of the History of Sociology : Fall-Winter 1979-80: includes
    "Done in Oil" by Robert Lynd, reports on Robert Lynd by Staughton Lynd and others, & Robert Lynd bibliography
  14. Middletown Papers (1979): "Inequality & Lifestyles in Middletown" by Caplow/Chadwick
    "The Lynds Revisited" by Richard Jensen, "Who Governed Middletown..." by Carrolyn Frank, "Measure of Social Change in Middletown" by Theodore Caplow
  15. Middletown Papers: "Division Street" by Eleanor Widmer (1945), "Middletown Fifty Years After" by Theodore Caplow, "Middletown" by John Dewey (1980)," "Robert S. Lynd, John D. Rockefeller, and Middletown" by Charles Harvey, "Middletown III" by Dwight Hoover (1981), "Robert Lynd's Disenchantment" by F. van Holthoon (1995), and poem "Middletown: After Thirty Years" by Charity Runden
  16. Middletown Periodical Press: "Middletown Revisited": Newsweeek (1978)
    "Hanging Together in Muncie, IND": Update (1981) "How Average are Folks in Middletown, U.S.A." The Dial (1982) and various other stories
  17. Middletown News Clips: "35 Years Later, Middletown Remains in Transition"
    "Sociologists take fresh looks at Muncie 50 years later": Washington Post (1979)
    "Return to Middletown": Washington Post (1982) and various other news clips
  18. Researchers' Letters: various letter regarding research, citations, and permission (1979-85)
    Staughton Lynd/Frederic van Holthoon correspondence regarding Middletown republication (1994)
  19. Letters Regarding Robert S. Lynd Prize: letters regarding establishment of Robert S. Lynd Prize and Professorship
  20. Andrea Lynd Photographs: numerous childhood pictures, including several with young Staughton Lynd; photos of Andrea Lynd sailing, sunning, and with daughter Margaret; Joe Nold photo with children
  21. Jennifer Nold Photographs: numerous baby photos of Andrea Lynd's daughter (c.1961); small photo album
  22. Andrea Lynd Development: Holter reports on Andrea Lynd's physical & psychological growth as a child (1930s)
    Helen Lynd letter regarding Andrea Lynd's early development (1952)
  23. Andrea Lynd Scholastic Reports: Ethical Culture Schools reports (1937-43)
    Fieldston School reports (1947-50)
    Sarah Lawrence College reports and degree(1953-56)
  24. Andrea Lynd Early Letters: letters to parents and "Tee" as a child (1930s)
    Letters to family from school (1940s)
  25. Andrea Lynd Letters from Europe (1955-56): Letters to parents from tour of Europe
  26. Andrea Lynd Letters from Wien, Germany (1956): letters to parents while studying and working in Germany
  27. Andrea Lynd Letters from India (1957): letters during journey across Europe and Asia to India with Joe Nold
    Letters regarding establishing school in Dehradun, India
    Letters regarding marriage to Joe Nold
    Letters regarding long journey across Europe and Asia before returning to U.S.
  28. Marriage Announcements: announcement of Andrea Lynd & Joseph Nold (1957)
  29. Andrea Lynd Letters (1960s): letters to parents regarding birth of kids and married life
  30. Andrea Lynd Letters from Europe (1970): letters from extended family European vacation
  31. Andrea Lynd Letters (1990s): birthday greetings to Staughton Lynd (1992)
  32. Joe Nold Letters: letters to Lynds regarding marriage to Andrea and school in India (1957), misc. letters (1959-63);
    letter to daughters Margaret & Jennifer elaborately describing visiting Helen Lynd in hospital after stroke (1982)
  33. Andrea Lynd Poetry & Writing: various childhood poems and writing
  34. Andrea Lynd Artwork (1939): various childhood drawings
  35. Andrea Lynd Artwork: various childhood drawings
  36. Andrea Lynd Artwork: various childhood drawings

Box 2: Helen Lynd papers

Folder -- Contents

  1. Edward Merrell Photographs: portrait of Edward Merrell (1886), photo of Merrell and young Helen Lynd
  2. Helen Lynd Photos: various portraits of Helen Lynd ranging from college to 1990s, and other photos
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Wellesley Class Lists: Class of 1919 lists of members (1965, 1971)
  5. Helen Lynd News Clips: "Helen Merrell Lynd Will Retire in June"
    "Helen Lynd on Middletown" (1982)
  6. Obituraries: various Helen Lynd obituaries (February 1982)
  7. Biographies: "Three Pioneers in Sociology of Emotion" by Thomas Scheff (1997)
  8. "Rememberances of Helen Lynd" Part I: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  9. "Rememberances of Helen Lynd" Part II: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  10. "Rememberances of Helen Lynd" Part III: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  11. Helen Lynd Interview (1973): interview by Elfie Stack
  12. Bibliography of Helen Merrell Lynd (c.1970s)
  13. Early Merrell Letters (photocopies): letter from Helen Lynd's father (1904), Helen Lynd letter (1908), Adela letter from Europe (1925), and Helen Lynd letter to grandmother (1929); Also introductory letter from James Davis to Staughton Lynd (1993)
  14. Correspondence with Maeve Beck: letters with Roger Beck's mother, Maeve (1952-79)
  15. Early Correspondence: letters to parents, Adela, etc. (1928-36)
  16. Correspondence (1950s): various letters
  17. Misc. Correspondence: Various letters (1960s-80s)
    Alice Lynd letter regarding their relationship (1981)
  18. Correspondence with Staughton Lynd: Various letters (c.1980)
  19. Lawrence Kelso Frank Letters: Bound collection of Larry Frank correspondence including Helen Lynd letter (1965)
  20. Alex Meiklejohn Memorial (1965): Memorial speech by Harry Klaven (Helen Lynd's second husband)
  21. Harry Klaven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1950s): letters concerning free speech, etc.
  22. Harry Klaven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1960-61): letters regarding papers & publications
  23. Harry Klaven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1962-64): letters regarding papers & publications
  24. Helen Lynd Speeches: Notes from "Shame-Guilt" speech (1945)
    "The Responsibility of Schools in a Time of Pressure (1951)
    "Processes of Discovery" (1963)
    Sarah Lawrence College Convocation (1964)
    "Some Questions Raised by Experiences of Shame" (1966)
    "Student Disturbances" (1969)
  25. Helen Lynd Speeches: "For Esther Raushenbush"
    University of California at Santa Cruz Commencement (1970)
    "Beyond Problem-Solving to Creativity" (1972)
    Memorial for Bert Loewenberg (1974)
    "Searching for Reality" (1975)
  26. Reviews of Helen Lynd Books: On Shame & Search for Identity (1958); Identity and Reality (1961)
  27. Reviews of Other Authors: various book reviews (1950s)
  28. "Song for Grandma": poem by Lee Lynd (1977)
  29. Memorial Service Materials (1982): "Impressions of Muriel Rukeyser" [last piece of Helen Lynd writing]
    Memorial speech by Andrea Lynd Nold and "Remembering Helen" speech by Lois Murphy
  30. Correspondence Regarding Death of Helen Lynd (1982): Various letters of sympathy to Staughton & Alice Lynd;
    thank you letters from Staughton Lynd
  31. Memorial Service Letters (1982): various letters regarding Memorial at Sarah Lawrence College
  32. Helen Lynd Fund Letters (1981-82): letters that accompanied donations to aid Helen Lynd's medical bills, etc.
  33. Sarah Lawrence College Lists: lists of members of Class of 1931; Deceased Alumnae list; lists for Possibilities
  34. Sarah Lawrence College Colloquium: invitations and programs; Elfie Raymond/Staughton Lynd correspondence
  35. Sarah Lawrence (Fall 1989): featuring article "Classes for Teachers Proposed at Annual Lynd Colloquium"
  36. Sarah Lawrence (Summer 1985): featuring article "Lynd Colloquium Explores Friendship"
  37. Helen Lynd Papers: Content list and correspondence regarding Helen Lynd Papers at Sarah Lawrence College (1983)
  38. Researchers' Letters (1979-83): correspondence w/Staughton Lynd regarding research projects concerning Helen Lynd
  39. Sarah Lawrence College: Convocation Program (1964) featuring Helen Lynd speech, Inaugural Address of Alice Ilchman (1981) and various other materials
  40. Sarah Lawrence Teaching Materials: Freshman Seminar Program (1963) and other materials
  41. Liberal News Clips: "Churchill Voices Concern Over Division of Europe (8/17/45)
    "Text of Translated First Broadcast to the Russians by State Dept." (2/18/47)
    "Education and the Fifth Amendment": Harvard Crimson (6/10/53)
  42. Liberal Teaching Notes: Helen Lynd notes for class; includes book reviews, notes, and articles:
    "Crisis in the Civil Liberties Union"
    "Are We Afraid of Freedom" by University of Chicago
    "Teaching Intellectual Freedom" by Alexander Meiklejohn
  43. Un-American Activities Report (1949): letter from Melvin Rader
    Report of Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities
    The Progressive: (April 1954)"McCarthy: A Documented Record"
  44. Philosophy Teaching Notes: Notes on Aquinas, Trinkaus, and course materials
  45. Marxist Teaching Notes: Social Philosophy (1955) course and 19th & 20th Century Thought course materials (1960)
  46. Keats Teaching Notes: Helen Lynd notes, etc. regarding Keats
    John Keats by Walter Bate (1963)
    John Keats by Robert Gittings (1968)
    The Letters of John Keats by Hyder Rollins (1958)
  47. Literature Teaching Notes: "William Blake: Various Arts of Love & Hate" by Aileen Ward
    "Evidence of the Imagination" by Donald Reiman
  48. Psychology Teaching Notes: Bibliography on Gestalt & Organismic Psychology
    "The Creative Process" by Charlotte Doyle (1975)
    "An Apology for Tradition" by W.T. Bush (1918)
    "Competence & the Psychosexual Stages of Development" by Robert White (1960) and other psychology articles
  49. Rudolph Arnheim: "Perceptual Analysis of a Rorschach Card (1953), "Gestalt Theory of Expression" (1949), "A Review of Proportion" (1955), "Accident and the Necessity of Art" (1957), "Visual Thinking in Education" (1979)
  50. Gregory Bateson: "Structure & Process in Social Relations" (1949), "Physical Thinking & Social Problems" (1946)
  51. Herbert Birch: various psychological articles (1945-50)
  52. Dora Doss: "Some Aspects of Symbol Formation in Language"
  53. Dorothy Lee: "Primitive System of Values" (1940), "Religious Perspectives of College Teaching" and others
  54. Otto Rank: "Truth & Reality: Life History of the Human Will" (1936)
  55. David Riesman: various articles regarding Freud (1950)
  56. Peggy Farber: "Artists & Politics in the 1930s" (1974)
  57. Holy Bible: inscription: "Ms. E.T. Merrell, From First Congregational Church Lagnange, Illinois 1914"
  58. Holy Bible: inscription: "Helen Merrell Commencement June 19, 1914 from Father and Mother"

Box 3: Helen Lynd writings

Folder -- Contents

  1. Thesis Notebook: journal notebook with comments
  2. Misc. Publications: "The Nature of Historical Objectivity" (1950)
    "Realism and the Intellectual in a Time of Crisis" (1951)
    "Identifications and the Growth of Personal Identity" (1956)
    "In Memory of Esther Raushenbush" (1980)
    "Assumptions" chapter from Possiblities (1980)
  3. On Shame and the Search for Identity. Helen Merrell Lynd. Science Editions, Inc (New York: 1958)
  4. Toward Discovery: Helen Merrell Lynd. Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY: 1965)
  5. Journal Entries (c.1979): various Helen Lynd journal entries from Margaret's and Connecticut
  6. Misc. Helen Lynd Notes: various notes regarding publications and writings
  7. Notes for Book on Otto Rank: various notes, quotes, and outlines for book
  8. Otto Rank Book Manuscript: complete manuscript of book
  9. "The Freud Sonnets": collection of poems
  10. Various Poetry: Helen Lynd and other unknown poems
  11. Travel Guide: unpublished travel guide-type writings
  12. Possibilities Book: Helen Merrel Lynd: Ink Well Press (Youngstown, OH: 1983)
  13. Possibilities Notes: Helen Lynd handwritten notes
  14. Possibilities Distribution Lists: Sarah Lawrence class lists, etc. for distribution of the book
  15. Possibilities Publication Letters: Staughton Lynd correspondence w/ publishers, Esther Raushenbush, etc.
  16. Possibilities Printer Letters: Staughton Lynd correspondence with Ink Well Press and other printers
  17. Helen Lynd/Harold Taylor Correspondence: letters regarding Possibilities (1981-83)
  18. Possibilities Appreciation Letters: letters of congratulations and requests for copies of book
  19. Possibilities Monograph: copies of final copy of the book by Helen Merrell Lynd
  20. Possibilities: unmarked manuscript
  21. Possibilities: edited manuscript
  22. Possibilities Chapter 1: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  23. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  24. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  25. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  26. Possibilities Chapter II: "The Self in Discovery" edited manuscript
  27. Possibilities Chapter II: "The Self in Discovery" edited manuscript
  28. Possibilities Chapter III: "Aftersong" edited manuscript
  29. Possibilities Chapter III: "Aftersong" edited manuscript
  30. Letters Regarding Shame & Search for Identity (c.1989): Staughton Lynd/publisher correspondence
  31. Writings on Muriel Rukeyser: various articles, etc. regarding poet Muriel Rukeyser
    "Impressions of Muriel Rukeyser" by Helen Lynd
    "The Life of a Poet" Writer's Conference (1978)
    "Muriel Rukeyser: The Poet as Scientific Biographer" by Clive Bush
  32. Muriel Rukeyser Poems: "The Gates," "Song of Songs," and other poems
  33. Muriel Rukeyser Writing & News Clips: various articles
    "Muriel Rukeyser, Poet of Protest, Dies" article (1980)
    "The Other Side" by Muriel Rukeyser: Liberation (1967)
    "The Life of a Poet" by Muriel Rukeyser (1979)
    "We Came for the Games: People's Olympics, Barcelona, 1936" by Muriel Rukeyser: Esquire

Box 4: Sound Recordings

Folder -- Contents

  1. Robert Lynd Memorial Service: two 33 1/3 LPs from Robert Lynd Memorial Service
  2. Helen Lynd Memorial Service: cassette tape of Helen Lynd Memorial Service with note from Alice Ilchman
  3. Margaret Merrell Memorial Service (1995): cassette tape of Memorial Service with note from Cecily Merrell
  4. Helen Lynd and Robert Winner: unknown reel-to-reel recording
  5. Helen and Staughton Lynd: cassette tapes #2 and #3 from 3/19/78
  6. Muriel Rukeyser: "Just Before the Gates" cassette tape (1975)